MinifigurePacks: Lego City/Town Bundle "(1) Coast Guard - Rescuer" "(1) Figure Display Base" "(1) Figure Accessory"

  • Bundle Includes: "(1) Coast Guard - Rescuer" "(1) Figure Display Base" "(1) Figure Accessory - Lifejacket"
  • Released by Lego in 1996 in 1 Set
  • Found in: 4022 C26-Sea Cutter

* **BUNDLE INCLUDES:** (1) Figure Display Base (1) Rescuer Figure (1) Figure Accessory As Shown. The Lego Adventurers "Rescuer" was released by Lego in 1996 and is found in the following Lego Themes: Town - (1) * **FOUND IN:** The following set : 4022 C26-Sea Cutter * **FIGURE DETAILS:** The Coast Guard 1 Rescue Figure has Red Legs with a Light Gray Printed Torso Rescue Coast Guard Logo, ID Badge, Red Collar, Zipper Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hands along with a Yellow Minifig Head Glasses Pattern with Black Sunglasses and Standard Grin Pattern topped with a Blue Minifig, Headgear Cap - Long Flat Bill and Yellow Life Jacket. * **THE BACK STORY:** The first LEGO sets to feature the Coast Guard were the LEGOLAND set 369 Coast Guard Station from 1976, and two very similar Town sets, 575 Canada Coast Guard Station and 575 U.S. Coast Guard Station from 1978. The first set to sport the current Coast Guard logo of a red and white life ring in a blue coat of arms was 6387 Coastal Rescue Base from 1989. The minifigures from this set wore bright red overalls and caps. 1991 was the first time the Coast Guard was equipped with a ship, 6353 Coastal Cutter. The ship was coloured in white and blue, which were already the established base colours for the 1989 set. The Minifigures wore black and had torso pieces that were common for policemen of that era. In 1992, the Coast Guard logo made an appearance next to a lifeguard in a Paradisa set. One year later, the Coast Guard was given a rather large helicopter: the 6342 Beach Rescue Chopper included Minifigures in the same red colours as in the 1989 set. View Details

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